Saved Search Text Filtering

Do you want a filter on Saved Search results to use Keyword typing instead of a Drop Down? Often, drop-down filters are hard to use in Saved Searches, especially if the list is long. Here are 2 ways to change the filter to support text typing: Voila! You then can type text in the FilterContinue reading “Saved Search Text Filtering”

NetSuite SuiteQL A/R and Customer Deposit Fields

Ever get confused about which fields do what when creating A/R – oriented SuiteQL reports? Here’s a table that help organize the fields and their meanings: Transaction Types Table Field Meaning All Types transactionLine foreignamount Transaction amount in transaction currency All Types transactionAccountingLine amount Transaction amount in GL base currency Invoice transaction foreignAmountPaid Total paidContinue reading “NetSuite SuiteQL A/R and Customer Deposit Fields”

Amazon Pay Fees and Transfers in NetSuite

Learn how to easily book adjustments and get the accounting right for online payment providers Amazon Pay transactions Amazon Pay is a popular payment capture service (a.k.a “payment gateway”) that collects funds from customers, deducts fees, and transfers a net balance to businesses that use its service. Booking the fees and transfers seamlessly is aContinue reading “Amazon Pay Fees and Transfers in NetSuite”