NetSuite Resources

Here are some of my favorite NetSuite resources:

  • Prolecto NetSuite Bundles – Prolecto’s Catalog of NetSuite scripted solutions (free to our clients).
  • Marty Zigman’s Blog – The #1 NetSuite resource after Official NetSuite Support websites, based on independent Anderson Frank survey
  • NetSuite Insights Blog – Chidi Okwudire’s blog – insightful and entertaining
  • Tim Dietrich’s Blog – Great resource, especially for SuiteQL tips
  • NetSuite Field Explorer – Chrome extension that helps quickly view all fields and values on any NetSuite record. (Created by NetSute guru Michoel Chaikin)
  • NetSuite: Search Export – Chrome extension that allows for easy exporting of Saved Searches to XML format (created by David Smith)
  • NetSuite Advanced Field Help – Chrome extension that enhances the “help” links on NetSuite form fields (created by Marcel Pestana)

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